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The main purpose of the study was to determine the exposure habit of farmers to radio and television and to determine the effectiveness of radio and television in the dissemination of agricultural information as perceived by farmers. Data were collected from randomly selected 100 radio listeners and 100 television viewers through personal interviewing during November 2007 to June 2008. In case of radio, among seventeen selected radio broadcasted national and regional farm programs, farmers were more or less exposed to only eight programs. Among the eight programs shamol Sylhet (regional) ranked first followed by desh- amar- mati- amar (national program), ajker chasabad (regional program) and so on. From overall consideration most of the respondents (85%) had low to medium exposure to radio broadcasted farm program. Among the entire farm programs broadcasted through radio, farmers preferred to know the information related to market value of agricultural product followed by questioning- answering and so on. In case of television among the selected five farm television program broadcasted through five satellite channels (BTV World, Channel-I, Banglavision, Rtv and ATN Bangla).

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