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Jbl On Beat Venue White
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JBL OnBeat VenueThe entertainment capital of your room.Bluetooth¬-enabled speaker dock lets you play music, watch videos and FaceTime with friends – all with big JBL sound.- Wirelessly stream music from your tablet, smartphone and other devices- Create customized playlists, edit mixes and browse album artwork with the JBL MusicFlow app- Dock your iPad, iPhone or iPod so it’s always charged and ready to goEntertain with the touch of your iPadTake your iPad into a new realm of entertainment. Meet the JBL OnBeat Venue, an amazing, wireless Bluetooth-equipped loudspeaker dock. Experience music, movies, videos and games on your iPad – or iPhone, iPod touch or other iOS device – in true JBL high-definition sound. You can even play them on your big-screen TV. Download the free JBL MusicFlow app to create personal playlists, edit sound mixes and display album artwork. And don’t worry about signal strength; HARMAN TrueStream technology guarantees the best possible wireless connectivity.Entertain with the touch of your iPadWe’ve designed the JBL OnBeat Venue iPad entertainment system to bring you the best from your iPad and other iOS devices, including your iPhone and iPod touch. This speaker dock gives you the freedom to listen to music, watch movies and play games wirelessly. Equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and the HARMAN TrueStream guarantee of the best possible connectivity, it will provide high-quality streaming for all your audio. And it will let you extend your content to your big-screen TV; just add a component cable, and you can watch movies and view images in full high definition. In addition, you can download the free JBL MusicFlow app to control your listening experience fully: Create personal playlists, edit sound mixes and display album artwork. This sleek, compact loudspeaker also features a unique pullout dock that fits neatly in any room, and it comes in colors that match your iPad and home décor. The most important feature of all, though, is the famous JBL sound: the precise, naturally articulated audio that JBL engineers have installed in cinemas, arenas and recording studios worldwide.Features- 30 watts of amplified power- Wireless audio streaming- HARMAN TrueStream technology- Powerful JBL drivers- Slipstream port technology- Component video output to TV- Auxiliary input for additional source devices- Free JBL MusicFlow app- User-friendly EQ settings- Dock charger for iOS devices- Up to 20kHz frequency response30 watts of amplified powerSmall box. Big sound. No doubt. Since this little powerhouse is a JBL speaker system, you can have faith that it delivers great JBL sound. The JBL OnBeat Venue offers 30 watts of amplification – enough to get your party bouncing.Wireless audio streamingListen to music, watch movies and play games – and do it all wirelessly. We’ve designed the JBL OnBeat Venue for your iPad, but it also works with your iPhone, iPod touch and virtually any other audio player that uses Bluetooth technology.HARMAN TrueStream technologyThe HARMAN TrueStream technique is our guarantee that you will enjoy the best possible listening experience when you’re streaming audio wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Because you have many options for Bluetooth connectivity, our products always use the most current and most advanced option to ensure the highest-quality sound no matter what application or source device you use.Powerful JBL driversThe JBL OnBeat Venue’s two full-range transducers provide you with room-filling sound. Experience clear highs and mids, plus exceptional bass – the true JBL sound that you’ve come to love.Slipstream port technologyProprietary Slipstream port technology in the JBL OnBeat Venue gives listeners powerful, great-sounding bass with low distortion. Whether docked or streaming, you’ll experience bass that you can really feel.Component video output to TVSend the movies, games and images on your iPad to your big-screen TV. Just connect a component video cable (not included) to experience all of your multimedia content in big-screen format.Auxiliary input for additional source devicesWhether your device is Bluetooth-enabled or not, the JBL OnBeat Venue allows you to take full advantage of its incredible sound, thanks to its auxiliary-input (aux in) connection. You can plug in practically any digital audio device, including an MP3 player, smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.Free JBL MusicFlow appThe free, downloadable MusicFlow app...

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