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YouTube Marketing: Growing Your YouTube Channel...
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Are you struggling to run your business through YouTube? Not sure how to set up your account as a business or maybe you just don’t know how to build your subscribers and viewers and more importantly turn your audience into customers? Whether you own a traditional business, online business, want to become an influencer, or want to create a movement around a niche, this is for you. It's a quick listen and you'll be up and running as a YouTube pro in no time! Customers like to watch and listen instead of read as it is more attractive, creating more trust and this is why it is a must to build your YouTube for business purposes. Not to mention there are over a billion users, meaning nearly one-third of everyone on the Internet, are spending billions of hours of watching videos on YouTube. Here is a preview of what’s included....Secrets towards growing a loyal YouTube subscriber baseBuilding an attractive profileWhy researching your audience is the most important step of them allHow and why affiliate marketing on YouTube is so profitable and passiveHow to grow your social media accounts together as oneTurning your viewers and subscribers into customers and making money through YouTubeHow to generate content ideas for your niche9 filming, editing and posting factors to take into account if you want to stand out against your competitorsIdentifying trends and staying ahead of the gameHow to use SEO to your advantageMaking a profit through AdSense, affiliate programs, and ambassador programsSelling products and services through YouTube the right wayThe top 14 types of videos you should create to increase your chances of going viralMuch, much more!Even if you are a noobie when it comes to social media this book takes you from setting up your YouTube account to showing you how to 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matyas J.. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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