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Moon Québec City
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Québec is its own world within Canada, with unique traditions, architecture, and language. Explore its history, joie de vivre, and Quebecois pride with Moon Québec City. Strategic itineraries including a walking tour of the best views of Old Québec, romantic weekend getaways, and a four-day trip exploring the best of the cityActivities and ideas for every traveler: Explore the city´s history at the Château Frotenac, or the Place Royale. Get a taste of Québec´s French roots at one of hundreds of gourmet restaurants, or sample Quebecois delicacies like poutine, tourtier, and tarte au sucre. Browse the boutiques in trendy Saint-Roch and get cozy in a bar with a mug of mulled wine. Take the kids (or your inner kid!) to the Aquarium of Québec, or find the perfect spot for whale-watching at scenic Tadoussac. Take a day trip to Chute Montmorency waterfall and watch it tumble a fantastic 83 meters (that´s over 270 feet!)Focused advice from local journalist Andrea BennettFull-color photos and detailed maps and directions for exploring on your ownBackground information on the landscape, history, individual neighborhoods, and Québec´s unique French-Canadian cultureIn-depth coverage of Québec City´s neighborhoods and suburbs, including excursions to the Île d´Orléans, Chute Montmorency, and TadoussacEssential insight on recreation, transportation, and accommodations, packaged in a book light enough to fit in your daypackWith Moon Québec City´s practical tips, myriad activities, and an insider´s view on the best things to do and see, you can plan your trip your way.

Stand: Dec 10, 2018
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Shopportunity!: How to Be a Retail Revolutionar...
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For millions, the daily shopping experience has devolved from the resonant personal ritual of our memories and dreams to the boring zombie-like process we wander through daily. We´re wasting our time and money, at the cost of our patience, good will, and joie de vivre. The new entitlement of discount prices has driven out creative, customer-centric thinking, far more than is commonly believed. In Shopportunity!, highly respected business strategist Kate Newlin provides an insider´s view of how consumers´ needs and wants are researched, identified, and responded to at the manufacturing and marketing level of companies, and then systematically ignored by those same manufacturers and their retailers when it comes time to bring brands to market. Indeed, she demonstrates how one generation of marketers has addicted three generations of consumers to the heroin of price promotion and what it means to our waistlines, credit ratings, and life experience. From Wal-Mart to Shop-Rite to CVS and Home Shopping Network, Newlin will reveal what the world´s leading brands really know about us and how they ultimately sell the products we buy. Drawing on powerful reporting and her three decades as an insider, Newlin traces the tragic arc of the great freefall between what consumers want of their brand choices, what brands are able to deliver, and the torture retailers put consumers through in order to acquire the transformational promise of the brands. Her critique culminates in a shopper´s bill of rights that lays out 10 principles of consumer transformation that should liberate shoppers, as well as the manufacturers and channels that serve them, from the tyranny of the cheap. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kimberly Schraf. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Aug 13, 2018
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